Body Wraps

Exfoliation Body Wrap          

     Three luxurious body treatments at once.  The session begins with a full-body sea salt exfoliation designed for skin renewal and improved circulation. It is followed by an essential oil aromatherapy body-wrap to calm the body and mind.  As the oils permeate, a rejuvenating scalp massage completes the session.    

     One session:  45.00               series of six:  225.00

 Exfoliation Body Wrap Plus:   75.00

 Add on a 30 min. hot-stone massage to your Exfoliation Body Wrap to complete the experience.

Herbal Detox Body Wrap        

        Treat yourself to full body health.  Our herbal and seaweed blend applied under heated wraps will draw out long-held toxins from your skin and body.  The process tones, strengthens, and refreshes your skin for a truly unforgettable experience.  

       One session:  45.00            series of six:  225.00

Synergy Package:        80.00

To get an ultimate effect in detoxification, add on to your Herbal Detox Body Wrap a 45 minute reflexology session.

Bare Back Treatment:       

      This treatment is available for all skin types to control and treat acne problems. Each back treatment includes cleansing, skin analysis, a deep-cleaning mask combined with steam, massage to loosen and remove excess oil and debris from pores, extractions, and a peeling mask. Keep your back smooth!

          One session: 50.00              series of six:  250.00

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