Massage Therapy

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Traditional (medium pressure)

    Rejuvenate yourself with this Swedish style massage to prevent stress and fatigue. This is also called relaxation massage.

       30min : 00.00          60min : 00.00            90min : 00.00

                   add $5.00 for deep tissue

Deep Tissue (medium to deep pressure)

    This treatment concentrates on specific muscle groups. The process helps discharge toxin while erasing tight knots and muscle aches.

       30min : 00.00              60min : 00.00           90min : 00.00

Aromatherapy (medium pressure)

    Essentials aromatherapy oils will calm your mind, body and spirit during this dreamy treatment. Inhaling these aromas stimulates the nervous system, relieving a variety of stress-related conditions.

       30 min : 00.00               60min : 00.00             90min : 00.00

                         add $0.00 for deep tissue

Hot Stone therapy (medium to deep pressure)

    A unique method that uses smooth river stones with warm oils to massage your body. The heat and pressure from the stones combined with special massage techniques will provide deeper penetration, and a more intensive relaxation experience. This treatment includes your choice of aromatherapy oils.

       30min : 00.00                60min : 00.00             90min : 00.00

Pregnancy treatment (light to medium pressure)  

    This is the perfect time to nurture your body with a special massage to help relieve tension and aches caused by added weight. This treatment also reduces swelling, and stress while decreasing fatigue. A soothing experience for both of you!  

       30min : 00.00                  60min : 05.00             90min : 00.00

Hand &  Foot Reflexology

     A gentle therapy for correcting and preventing ill health. We also provide Reflexology Pedicure and Reflexology Manicure in our Hand and Foot treatments.

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