Foot Reflexology  
                                     60min : 80.00            30min : 45.00

Hand Reflexology 
                                     30min : 35.00            15min :20.00

                          This is a gentle therapy for correcting and preventing  ill health. Stimulation of the various nerve centers on the hands or feet clears away the accumulation of toxic deposits that inhibit the flow of energy through our bodies, bringing about a state of inner equilibrium.    

Reflexology Manicure  
                           45min : 36.00        Shellac Polish: + 10.00

        Treat yourself to the ultimate manicure by adding 15 minutes of reflexology treatment to your Spa Manicure.

Reflexology Pedicure  
                           60min : 60.00         Shellac Polish: + 10.00   

       This extra-soothing experience begins with all the pampering of the Deluxe Massage Pedicure. Then a foot exfoliation and a reflexology massage will top off your 60-minute treatment.                                  

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