Facial Care

Classic Facial:       45min : 45.00 (no mask)

    This facial will leave your skin feeling healthy, smooth, renewed, and radiant. Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction, moisturizing, and massage of the face and neck.

Executive Facial for Men:        60min: 50.00

    Designed for men, this service provides effective cleansing, toning, gentle exfoliation, and moisture to promote healthy looking skin. A relaxing facial massage is included.

Stress Therapy Facial:        60min: 60.00

    This one-hour treatment is for all skin types. It's designed to remove dead skin cells, lighten pigmentation, reduce fine lines, and lessen sun damage; clogged pores are extracted followed by a refining mask and a face, neck, and shoulder massage.

Reflexology Facial:         75min: 70.00

    This treatment begins with all of the features of our Stress Therapy Facial. An ultra-refreshing hand, arm, and facial reflexology massage and exfoliation is included to top off your seventy-five minute treatment.

Bare Back Treatment:        60min: 50.00

    This treatment is available for all skin types to control and treat acne problems. Each back treatment includes cleansing, skin analysis, a deep-cleaning mask combined with steam,  massage to loosen and remove excess oil and debris from pores,extractions, and a peeling mask. Keep your back smooth!

Exfoliating Peel Treatment:          45.00

      Light to medium depth peel formulas effectively exfoliate, bleach, and inhibit pigment production. Available for all skin types. These peels help to repair and reduce breakout, control oil, soften lines, and provide a more even, smoother skin texture.

Our Pumpkin Peel BETA-C Mask Treatment is best for dull, rough skin and/or acne. It provides essential vitamins and brightens the skin. It's also great on very sun damaged skin that has lumps and bumps.

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