For high school and younger students:
      $2.00 off all manicure prices

Angel's Manicure & Pedicure: 11.00 & 21.00
     For our 10 year old or younger angels, this manicure (or pedicure) includes nail shaping, cuticle softening, light massage, and polish.

Oil Manicure 30 min: 17.00   Shellac Polish: + 10 or 15
     30 minutes is all it takes to help women or men who suffer from embarrassing dry skin and cuticles. Nail trim, cuticle removal, relaxing massage, and buffing the nails to a high shine for men or polishing for women are provided. A few minutes of our service will maximize your confidence and prepare you for your day.

Essential Manicure 35 min: 20.00 Shellac Polish: + 10 or 15               
    This service begins with an Oil Manicure but includes a hand exfoliation with sea salt to lighten brown spots and rejuvenate your skin.

Spa Manicure  45min:  25.00         Shellac Polish: + 10 or 15
     This hand therapy allows you to choose from over 10 moisturizing sensations enriched with vitamin A, E, and aloe vera. Hand exfoliation and Paraffin treatment leave your skin looking fresh, and help reduce the visible signs of aging.

Reflexology Manicure 45min:  36.00      Shellac Polish: + 10
        Treat yourself to the ultimate manicure by adding 15 minutes of reflexology treatment to your Spa Manicure.

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